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President Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger were involved in a long-separate fight on Thursday after the president utilized a supplication breakfast discourse to insult the activity star about his world show appraisals, and Mr. Schwarzenegger let go in a video posted on Twitter.

To be clear, this is really happening.

The firecrackers started on Thursday morning, when Mr. Trump utilized the regularly grave event of the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington to needle Mr. Schwarzenegger as “an aggregate catastrophe” on “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” the most recent incarnation of the NBC reality establishment that shot Mr. Trump to national fame.

“They enlisted a major, enormous film star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to have my spot, and we know how that turned out,” Mr. Trump stated, as Mark Burnett, the “Student” maker who has turned into a dynamic champion of Christian causes, listened a couple of feet away.

“The appraisals went directly down the tubes,” Mr. Trump proceeded. “Stamp will never, ever wagered against Trump again. What’s more, I need to simply petition God for Arnold, on the off chance that we can, for those evaluations.”

Minutes after the fact, Mr. Schwarzenegger reacted in a 15-second video presented on his Twitter account.

Hello Donald, I have an incredible thought — why don’t we switch occupations? said Mr. Schwarzenegger, his face filling the screen. “You assume control TV, since you’re such a specialist in appraisals, and I assume control over your employment.

‘and after that persons can at extended past rest calmly once supplementary,’ Mr. Schwarzenegger involved, with a wicked smile.

It was not Mr. Trump’s first punch at Mr. Schwarzenegger, whose presentation as “Student” host a month ago earned a harsh survey from the TV faultfinder in-boss. “Stunning, the appraisals are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got “overwhelmed” (or obliterated) by correlation with the evaluations machine, DJT,” Mr. Trump tweeted toward the beginning of January.

That provoked Mr. Schwarzenegger to post a video of himself perusing from Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address. “I wish you the good luck and I seek you’ll work after ALL of the American individuals as forcefully as you worked for your valuations,” The Mr. Schwarzenegger twittered at that time.

The president’s media Personal assistant, Sean Spicer, was asked at his Thursday preparation for what good reason Mr. Trump picked the National Prayer Breakfast to remark on TV appraisals.

“He implied it as a happy minute, and I think on the off chance that you take a gander at the totality of his comments, they were completely outstanding,”The Mr. Spicer responded. He seen that Mr. Burnett was a long-term supporter of the supplication breakfast and “an individual companion” of the president.

Mr. Trump, who remains a paid official maker of “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” is an energetic tracker of Nielsen numbers; he encircled a Variety appraisals outline from the principal period of “The Apprentice” & swung it in his Trump Tower workplace.

At the point when NBC made a variant of “The Apprentice” with Martha Stewart in 2005, Mr. Trump routinely got TV columnists to bring up Ms. Stewart’s dreary numbers.

The president is additionally right that Mr. Schwarzenegger’s numbers have been baffling. “The Celebrity Apprentice” has been soiled at the base of its schedule opening among the significant communicate systems, as indicated by Nielsen measurements. The show routinely draws about half the same number of watchers as “The Bachelor,” the truth demonstrate that keeps running in the meantime on ABC.

It would be feasible for Mr. Trump to stop the White House and resume his facilitating part in primetime. (Truth be told, the evaluations would likely be high.) But Mr. Schwarzenegger, while a previous legislative leader of California, would confront a few detours in getting to be president, including the way that he was conceived in Austria.

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