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  • The headphones include 9mm drivers and execute well crossways rate of repeat
  • The adjusted to remote sensible for conforming music playback
  • The OnePlus Bullets V2 is great worth at Rs. 1,199s VBA

There’s no lack of shabby and moderate headphones in the market, huge numbers of which offer satisfactory sound quality for regular tuning in. The Tekfusion Twinwoofers are one such case, which we assessed two or three months back. Today, we have another such participant from a brand that is all the more generally known. The OnePlus Bullets V2 is the organization’s latest spending sound offering, and is the successor to the Silver Bullet headphones that were propelled route in 2014.

Estimated at Rs. 1,199. the Bullets V2 guarantee premium form quality and rich sound without spending a mess. The organization is known to make quality cell phones, most as of late the OnePlus 3T, which demonstrates that quality need not come at a strong premium. Has OnePlus figured out how to function that same enchantment with its sound items as well? How about we discover.

                                          BLACK COLUR ONE PLUS BULLET EARPHONES

OnePlus Bullets V2 plan and components

The Bullets V2 are intended for ordinary tuning in, and considering the value, they are to a great degree well fabricated. Each earbud has a metal packaging for the driver inside, which makes them strong. OnePlus has given careful consideration to the surface of the housings as well, which is the reason they feel premium when you hold them. The earbuds are subtle when you wear them, and weighing only 2 grams every, you’ll scarcely feel them in your ears even over long spans.

In the crate, you get additional sets of silicone eartips in various sizes and that is about all. We would have preferred a convey pocket tossed in too. The Bullet V2s utilize a level link which shouldn’t tangle effortlessly, but rather we would say, it tended to tangle regardless of how deliberately we moved it up. There’s an inline remote control with an amplifier and three catches. You can bounce forward and in reverse in your playlist by holding down the volume catches, and long-squeezing the middle catch gives you a chance to summon the voice colleague on your cell phone.

The OnePlus Bullets V2 highlight really standard particulars, as regularly found in this value portion. Each earbud highlights a 9mm element driver with a recurrence scope of 20Hz – 20,000Hz and an impedance rating of 24Ohms. OnePlus say the Bullets V2 are fitted with aryphan polyarylate stomachs, which ought to help lessen weight while giving a high vibration recurrence. The headphones come in two hues – highly contrasting – and the link is 1.25m long.

                                THE ONEPLUSS BULLET V2 EARPHONES

OnePlus Bullets V2 execution

We tried the OnePlus Bullet V2s on a Google Pixel XL and additionally an Asus Xonar U7 outer DAC. Sound documents incorporated a blend of MP3 tracks from Apple Music and FLAC records. The sound tracks we concentrated on for this test were Shone by Flo Rida, Medicine Man by Zero 7, and Conduct by the Cranberries.

Our match of Bullets V2s must be softened up a bit before they began sounding better. The main thing you’ll notice is the manner by which open they sound. The vocals in Conduct were clear and unmistakable, with great partition from different frequencies. The treble sounded brilliant without getting excessively puncturing at higher volumes. Mid-run frequencies were additionally dealt with extremely well, which was exceptionally clear in Zero 7’s track. By and by, individual instruments were effortlessly identifiable, which makes such tracks a delight to tune in to.

The Bullets V2 have great range with regards to the lower frequencies, despite the fact that this could have been something more. If you get a decent seal (which is effortlessly accomplished) with the eartips, the bass is genuinely tight with an OK kick. We would say, the bass didn’t get excessively boomy even at high volume levels yet what we truly missed was bass expansion. This was exceptionally recognizable in Shone, where the bass tended to move off faster than it ought to have.

The included eartips give an agreeable seal and we didn’t encounter much weakness even following a couple of hours of consistent tuning in. They additionally made a quite tolerable showing with regards to with shutting out surrounding commotion. The inline amplifier permitted great sound quality on calls, and the catches are composed well, so it was simple for us to discover the control we were searching for without bobbling.


In general, the OnePlus Bullets V2 make a mind blowing showing with regards to of dealing with music crosswise over kinds. We could have utilized more kick in the bass, however stable is subjective and on the off chance that you aren’t into bass-overwhelming tracks, you’ll discover the Bullets V2 more than acceptable. At 1,199 rupees, it’s difficult to gripe as they offer great incentive for cash. In the event that you possess an OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T, then these will likewise supplement your telephone stylishly.

                                     SPECIFICATION OF ONE PLUS BULLET V2 HEAD PHONES

Cost (MRP): Rs.1,199

Stars features

  • Inconspicuous earbud outline
  • Good execution over all frequencies
  • Offers great esteem
  • Inline remote


  • No capacity pocket
  • Cables tangle effortlessly.

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