Donald Trump not arranging any official request on H-1B visas; US needs more H-1Bs, says conspicuous supporter of US President

Donald Trump not arranging any official request on H-1B visas; US needs more H-1Bs, says conspicuous supporter of US President

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US President Donald Trump is said to plan to issue official requests on H1-B visas, the visas principally utilized by Indian IT organizations to send Indian experts to the US. Likewise, an enactment has been presented in the US House of Representatives which in addition to other things calls for dramatically increasing the base compensation of H-1B visa holders to $130,000. This is relied upon to make it intense for organizations to utilize the program. As the warmth expands on this pined for visa program, here’s the rundown of 25 greatest H-1B visa patrons of the year 2016. Note: Here LCA remains for Labor Condition Applications. The LCAs incorporate the quantity of new, reestablish and exchange of LCA


UNITED STATES: The Trump organization has no arrangements to turn out with an official request on H-1B visas, a noticeable Indian-American giver and supporter of the US President guaranteed today, repudiating media reports that have created nervousness in India.

“There will be a need of more H-1B visas. The quantity of individuals on H-1B from India is surely going to build,” Chicago-based Shalabh ‘Shalli’, Kumar and leader of the Republican Hindu Coalition, told columnists at a news gathering.

Reacting to a volley of inquiries, Kumar guaranteed that in spite of the reports in the media, there is no official request being worked upon by the White House on H-1B visa.

For the American economy to develop, IT would need to assume a vital part.

“All things considered I picture need of more IT specialists in the US,” he stated, including that the US has tremendous deficiency of IT laborers which can be topped off just by Indian IT experts.

Of the view that the Trump Administration would work to guarantee that there is no misrepresentation and mishandle of H-1B visas, Kumar said he trusts that the White House would work to dispense with nation standard towards distribution of green cards for lawful changeless occupants.

“This would be of awesome help Indian IT experts,” he stated, including that the present sit tight time for Indians to get a green card could be upwards of 35 years.

As per reports, President Donald Trump may soon take action against US impermanent work visas including the H-1B and L-1 visas that are utilized generally by Indian tech organizations.

The H1B visa is a non-outsider visa that permits US firms to utilize remote laborers in claim to fame occupations that require hypothetical or specialized aptitude in specific fields. The innovation organizations rely on upon it to contract countless workers every year.


Amid his battle, Trump had guaranteed to build oversight of our H-1B and L-1 visa programs.

Supporting the official requests of Trump on migration and visa boycott, Kumar said he would incline toward this to be extended to different nations like Pakistan.

Kumar said the US Government is right now inspecting the rundown of nations, and if Pakistan does not begin co-working with the US, there is high likelihood of it being incorporated into the rundown of visa boycott nations.

Pakistan needs to act against psychological warfare.

“There can’t be any distinction between what it says and what it does. Trump would not endure that,” he said.

Because of a question, he didn’t through and through preclude the likelihood of him turning into the following US Ambassador to India.

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